Dr. Alex Moreira, Aesthetic Doctor, Expert in Facial Harmonization

My passion for enhancing natural beauty and raising the confidence of my patients has led me to specialize in Aesthetic Medicine and Facial Harmonization. As an aesthetic doctor, my goal is to understand the needs and uniqueness of each person, highlighting their distinctive features without resorting to radical transformations.
In my services, I offer you a unique combination of experience, dedication and the latest techniques in Aesthetic Medicine. From facial rejuvenation and harmonization to body contouring procedures, my goal is to help you achieve your best version and feel confident and radiant.

I invite you to learn about the treatments I offer and discover how you can achieve your aesthetic goals. I’ll wait for you!

  • Innovative Procedures.
  • Natural Results.
  • Security and Trust.
  • Exceptional professional career.

Facial Rejuvenation

Expression lines

Nasolabial groove

Face Lift Without Surgery

Specific Treatments for Dark Circles

Facial Remodeling

Mandibular Profiling

Lip Filler

Chin Filler